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Treatment of Razor Burn on Stomach

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When taking a quick glance at the stomach, it is not uncommon to find a few wayward hairs. For some men, the amount of hair growing on this part of the body may equal that of the chest or back. In an attempt to impress the ladies, many decide to remove unwanted stomach hairs and maintain a smooth appearance. However, there are a handful of common skin irritations that can ruin your plan – including the stinging sensation and itchiness of razor burn – a rash you certainly don’t want to develop if you can help it.


A shaver with a mild case of razor burn will encounter a rash that spreads across the affected region – producing shades of pink, red, and purple (depending on the color of your skin and severity of your condition). Raised patches, welts, and razor bumps may also develop. If you have applied too much pressure to the skin when shaving, you may draw blood with cuts, nicks and scrapes that cause the skin to swell even more. Infected razor burn may also produce pustules – small pockets of pus that attack the surface of the skin. This sign of infection is seen in the more severe cases of this condition.


Gaining a better understanding of the various causes of razor burn on the stomach will help in your fight against suffering skin irritation after a fresh shave. A handful of causes include:

a) Too Many Strokes:

Excessive shaving strokes can lead to increased friction, pressure, and irritation of the skin, which can create a bout of razor burn.

b) Working Out Early in the Morning:

An early morning workout can pose a threat to freshly shaven skin. The acidic content found in sweat can cause irritation and lead to razor burn of the stomach.

c) Your Shaving Tools:

When removing hair from the stomach, it is important to use sanitary shaving equipment that is rust-free and preferably new. This will help lessen your risk for razor burn.

d) Using Products with Alcohol:

If you apply products that contain alcohol to the stomach after a shave, you may face an increased risk of suffering razor burn that comes from dry skin and irritation.

e) Taut Skin:

Do not stretch your skin taut during a fresh shave if you want to avoid skin irritations, like razor burn.

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