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Treatment of Razor Burn on Side Burns

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Whether you wish to trim the perfect goatee or want to walk in the famous footsteps of Elvis, removing hair from the side burns is a frequent ritual for many men. However, the delicate maneuvers, careful strokes, and barber-like precision of do-it-yourself shavers often isn’t enough to avoid the common condition known as ‘razor burn.’ Avoiding this irritating rash associated with a fresh shave means becoming familiar with more than just a couple of possible prevention methods – you should gain a better understanding of its causes.


In order to tidy up your appearance, shaving the side burns is a must when they become too unruly. However, razor burn threatens a smooth and clean display of the skin when redness and visible irritation attack. Shavers face raised skin, welts, and in the worst cases, pustules – similar to an acne breakout or allergic reaction. Some shavers battle the bloodiness of scrapes, nicks, and cuts. The skin often becomes raw and sensitive to the touch. Itchiness and a stinging sensation are additional characteristics of razor burn.


To avoid razor burn of the side burns, keep in mind the following causes for the next time you decide to remove hair from this part of your body:

a) Excessive Shaving Strokes:

Too many shaving strokes can cause the skin surrounding the side burns to suffer excessive pressure and friction, which can lead to razor burn.

b) An Early Morning Shave:

If you have a habit of shaving at the start of your morning, keep in mind that bodily fluids have a knack for puffing up the surface of the skin – creating a great deal of hidden hairs. A shave first thing in the morning doesn’t allow an individual to achieve a close shave. It is suggested to wait at least 20 minutes after you wake up to shave the side burns.

c) Shaving Before a Morning Workout:

Don’t shave your side burns before your early morning workout, as the acid content found in sweat can irritate the skin after a fresh shave.

d) Unsanitary Blade:

If you do not rinse your blades with alcohol before a fresh shave, you run the risk of suffering the irritation that comes with razor burn brought on by bacteria. The worst cases cause an infection to strike the side burns.

e) Dull Blade:

Using a dull blade to remove hair from the side burns will increase your chances of razor burn rash developing on the face.

f) Shared Blades:

Do not share razor blades with another shaver, as this can contribute to irritated skin and razor burn.

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