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Treatment of Razor Burn on Pubic Region

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When tidying up the hairs found ‘down there,’ there are more obstacles to overcome than most shavers expect. The amount of sweat, grime, and bacteria that naturally accumulates about this part of the body poses a definite problem. Then, the fact that the pubic region is covered with sensitive skin threatens to ruin a clean shave. Other issues to factor in include the possibility of suffering ingrown hairs, shaving bumps, and razor burn – a rash that can bring more than simple redness and irritation to the skin.

Razor Burn Treatment

a) Creams and Ointments:

On the market, there are plenty of ointments and creams that can treat the symptoms of razor burn – like Polysporin. This particular product uses anti-bacterial components to treat and fight an infection that accompanies razor burn when skin has been nicked during the process of hair removal.

b) Keep an Aloe Vera Plant:

When you keep an aloe vera plant in your home, you can take advantage of analgesic properties that work towards reducing the swelling and irritation associated with razor burn. As a bonus, aloe vera gel is an effective treatment for many other common medical concerns.

c) Post-Care:

Moisturizing skin products, cooling gels and lotions are effective post-care items known to fight the signs of razor burn.

d) Home Treatments and Remedies:

When it comes to home treatments for razor burn, there are plenty of possibilities to consider. Some people have used wet tea bags to ease inflamed skin and reduce pain. Apple cider vinegar works towards killing harmful bacteria that may infiltrate razor burn with surrounding nicks or cuts. That bottle of witch hazel sitting in your medicine cabinet will also fight off any lingering bacteria.

e) Ask Nature:

It is suggested to ask nature for a little help when razor burn has attacked the pubic region after a fresh shave. Since this part of the body is home to sensitive skin, individuals enjoy a less irritating recovery when using non-chemical means of treatment. A few recommendations include tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil, which are known to soothe and heal irritated skin.

f) Stop Shaving:

If you are suffering chronic razor burn, then it’s probably a good idea to stop shaving this part of the body. There are other methods of hair removal to consider for the pubic region, such as using a pair of scissors to trim or relying on non-irritating depilatories.

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    Some people have used Dove deodorant right after shaving

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