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Treatment of Razor Burn on Legs

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It never fails – your excitement for the first days of summer is hindered by some skin care or beauty disaster – like the uncomfortable redness of a rash covering your freshly shaven legs. Razor burn is a common irritation of the skin that takes place after you’ve pressed too hard with the razor, nicked the skin, or shaved against the grain. To gain quick and effective relief, it is suggested to become familiar with the treatment suggestions listed below for combating razor burn on the legs:

Razor Burn Treatment

a) Shaving Lotion:

If you’ve just finished shaving the legs and encounter a hideous redness starting to develop on the skin – you can fight this sign of razor burn by using a shaving lotion.

b) Apply an Alum Stick:

Combat the signs of razor burn by using an alum stick, which contains antiseptic properties that helps to calm irritation.

c) Allantoin:

Consider this non-toxic, natural solution (an extract from comfrey) to heal, soothe, moisturize, and fight the irritation that comes with a case of razor burn.

d) Use an Ointment or Cream:

Apply an over-the-counter cream or ointment to the legs when razor burn brings irritation and the threat of infection. Products (like Polysporin) contain ingredients that prevent and treat bacterial infections. If you have sensitive skin or have nicked the skin while shaving – this can prove quite beneficial.

e) Home Treatments:

When looking for a treatment that provides quick and easy relief for the appearance and discomfort of razor burn on the legs, consider looking in your own kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. For instance, to kill the bacteria that may worsen razor burn with surrounding scrapes of the skin, use apple cider vinegar. Consider moistened tea bags to treat the pain that comes with inflamed skin. How about combining one tablespoon of plain yogurt with ½ teaspoon of pure honey to create a remedy that fights razor burn irritation. Remove after 15 to 20 minutes, using lukewarm water and make sure to pat dry or you can cause more damage to the skin.

f) Post-Shave Techniques:

When redness and irritation have appeared on the legs after a clean shave, fight the signs of razor burn with cooling gels and soothing lotions.

g) Consider Natural Remedies:

Use natural treatments to your advantage when razor burn decides to attack the legs after a fresh shave. Tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil have been known to jumpstart the healing process, as well as soothe the irritation of razor burn rash.

h) Use Over-the-Counter Products:

Over-the-counter products (like Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel) provide relief from the symptoms of razor burn rash, including the redness, irritation, and the stinging sensation of nicks and cuts. For the legs, use a cotton ball to apply a product like Tend Skin Solution, which accommodates both men and women.

i) Use an Electric Shaver:

Some women who shave their legs have enjoyed better results when they replace their usual razor with an electric shaver. This handy piece of equipment is known to produce a much smoother outcome.

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