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Treatment of Razor Burn on Chest

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You’ve waited too long to remove unruly hair from the chest and now you’re dealing with a case of razor burn – irritation that strikes the skin when shaving takes a turn for the worse. With inflammation, nicks, cuts, scabby redness, welts, and the possibility of pustules, it is highly recommended to have a plan of action already in place. The treatment options listed below for razor burn on the chest will certainly help:

Razor Burn Treatment

a) Post-Shaving Care:

After a shave, make sure to apply cooling gels, soothing lotions and moisturizing skin care products to the chest to combat the signs of razor burn.

b) Seek Out Home Remedies:

Gain relief from the symptoms of razor burn on the chest by looking for common household items to create quick and easy treatments. To kill harmful bacteria that may infiltrate shaving nicks, cuts, and scrapes – consider dabbing on a bit of apple cider vinegar. To ease the irritation of razor burn, mix one tablespoon of plain yogurt with ½ teaspoon of pure honey for a solution that should set for 15 to 20 minutes on the skin. Moistened tea bags can also lessen the pain associated with inflamed skin.

c) Natural Remedies:

Take control of your razor burn treatment with items courtesy of Mother Nature, which aim to fight visible irritation and discomfort. A couple of suggestions to consider include tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oil.

d) Treat with an Ointment or Cream:

If you have sensitive skin or nicked the skin during a fresh shave, consider applying an ointment or cream (like Polysporin) to affected areas as a way to combat the appearance of razor burn.

e) Aloe Vera Plant:

Growing an aloe vera plant means that you will have access to instant relief for your razor burn, as the gel from its leaves contains analgesic properties that works towards soothing irritation, decreasing swelling, and jumpstarting the healing process.

f) Opt for an Electric Shaver:

If you have a habit of using double-edge razors and disposables to remove chest hair, think again. While you may enjoy one of the closest shaves of the chest, you also face a higher risk of traumatizing hair follicles and causing skin irritation. Stop chronic razor burn by using an electric shaver.

g) Dab on the Hydrocortisone Cream:

When looking for a short-term solution for your razor burn redness, consider the power of 1% hydrocortisone cream. This product works towards constricting blood vessels, which causes less blood to flow to affected regions.

h) Use an Alum Stick:

Ease the discomfort of razor burn by using alum, a natural mineral that offers antiseptic help and relief from irritation.

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