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Razor Burn on Neck

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The level of skin sensitivity found on the neck is rather delicate when it comes to the life of a shaver. Many factors can contribute to a variety of common irritations that include ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burn. The type of equipment and the kind of hair removal methods you choose can lead to the burning sensation and unattractive rash that spreads across the neck after a fresh shave – all caused by razor burn.


After shaving the neck, you run the risk of encountering visible irritation that appears pink, red, to light purple in some cases. Depending on the severity of your condition, the rash could swell and produce raised skin that resembles a welt. The amount of pressure delivered during hair removal can cause nicks and cuts of the skin, which makes razor burn all the more difficult to ignore. A stinging sensation and itchiness are also typical symptoms of this condition.


In order to avoid the discomfort, irritation, and inflammation of razor burn, consider the following causes the next time you decide to remove hair from the neck:

a) Using Commercial After-Shave Lotions:

Alcohol and other ingredients found in commercial after-shave products can cause razor burn because of its drying properties and effect on irritation.

b) Early Morning Habits:

If shaving the neck is part of your early morning ritual, then it’s time to rethink this strategy. Throughout the night, bodily fluids accumulate and cause the skin to puff out. When you wake in the morning, it takes at least 20 minutes for the skin to return to its normal appearance.

c) Morning Exercise:

Exercise in the morning and you could place your neck at risk for razor burn if you shave before your workout and shower.

d) Shaving Direction:

Razor burn of the neck is often caused when one repeatedly shaves in the opposite direction of hair growth.

e) Stretched Skin:

It is suggested to avoid stretching the skin taut while shaving because it will cause irritation that can lead to razor burn.

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