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Razor Burn on Chest

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Depending on whether or not the ladies are digging your hairy chest, sometimes this display of masculinity isn’t always an attractive asset. The desire for instant hair removal is not uncommon. Before placing a shaver, blade, or razor to your chest, it is suggested to become familiar with some of the typical causes of razor burn – a rash you don’t want to bother with after a fresh shave. While some cases last for only a couple of hours, others have dealt with the stinging sensation and itchiness for days.


Razor burn causes visible irritation on the chest that usually appears as a red rash. Raised skin and welts are common characteristics of this condition, which can produce shades of pink and purple depending on the color of your skin. In regards to how much pressure applied during a shave, you may suffer nicks, cuts, or scrapes that produce blood. Severe cases can lead to infection and pustules – small pockets of pus that infiltrate the surface of the skin.


In order to avoid the irritation and inflamed skin of razor burn on the chest, consider the following causes before removing unwanted hair:

a) Dry Shaving [1]:

Without the assistance of shaving gels, creams and foams – the skin doesn’t benefit from the protection of proper lubrication during the irritating process of shaving. A shave without any lubrication or water increases the chances of razor burn.

b) Using Long Shaving Strokes:

Avoid the friction and unnecessary pressure that applying long shaving strokes can cause when removing hair from the chest.

c) Exercising in the Morning:

Shaving before your early morning workout can cause razor burn due to the acidic sweat that can irritate freshly shaved skin.

d) Pre-Existing Skin Inflammation:

If you have eczema or are battling a nasty case of poison oak or ivy, then shaving the chest probably isn’t the best thing to do.

e) Stretching the Skin:

Razor burn can take place on the chest when an individual insists on stretching the skin during a shave.


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