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Razor Burn on Butt

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The stinging sensation and redness of razor burn can make sitting for long periods of time rather uncomfortable after a round of hair removal. Whether you need to take a good look at the kind of equipment you rely on when shaving your butt or are interested in accomplishing smoother results, becoming familiar with common causes will place you one step ahead of this widespread condition.


Mild cases of razor burn will produce a rash that can disappear within a couple of hours. Typically, the rash is red in color, but can also appear pink or purple. If you are suffering a more severe case of razor burn, your raised skin may showcase unsightly welts or pustules – small pockets of pus that form on the surface of the skin. Swollen and tender to the touch, razor burn on the butt also brings itchy skin and an uncomfortable stinging sensation.


To avoid a case of razor burn on the butt, consider the following causes when trying to adjust your shaving routine to produce fewer cases of skin irritation.

a) Lengthy Shaving Strokes:

Reduce your chances of suffering a case of razor burn when you replace long shaving strokes with short ones that causes less pressure and friction to the skin.

b) Shaving Method:

The way you choose to remove hair from the butt can cause razor burn to develop. For instance, shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth is a common cause of razor burn. If you normally press down too hard; use repeated strokes; and ignore periodic rinses of the blade – the chances of razor burn will increase.

c) Products Containing Alcohol:

Avoid the increased irritation and dry skin that comes when applying products with alcohol to the butt after a shave.

f) Dull Razor Blades:

Using blunt razors to remove hair from the butt will cause razor burn rash to strike affected areas. This is usually due to the extra pressure an individual typically executes when trying to reach a close shave.

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    You shave your bum?


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