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Razor Burn on Back

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If you possess a hairy back, then you probably already know all too well the trials and tribulations of shaving this part of the body. Shavers who must tackle this task on their own especially run the risk of suffering common skin irritations, like razor bumps and razor burn. However, when you become familiar with the typical causes and learn how to tweak your shaving techniques, you can lessen your chances of the stinging sensation and itchiness that accompanies this unwanted rash.


Shaving large regions like the back increases the risk of encountering irritation and inflammation of the skin because you have more space to cover and less chances of avoiding an incident. Razor burn on the back produces a red rash in its mildest of cases and can cause welts, inflamed skin, raw discomfort, and small pockets of pus called pustules. Depending on the color of your skin, the rash ranges from light pink to dark purple in color.


The way you approach shaving unwanted hair on the back will determine whether or not you will suffer razor burn and other skin irritations. For instance, use the wrong kind of razor or speed through the process and you will battle redness and other symptoms that can last for days. Other causes of this common condition include:

a) Long Shaving Strokes:

Remember that short shaving strokes causes less pressure, friction, and irritation to the skin, which can cut down on your chances of suffering a case of razor burn.

b) Working Out in the Morning:

If you like to exercise early in the morning, make sure to save shaving of the back for after your shower. The acidic content of sweat can cause irritation to freshly shaven skin when you remove hair before a workout.

c) Previous Skin Irritation:

Eczema patients are more susceptible to the irritation of razor burn because their skin is usually already inflamed. Any other skin irritation of the back can cause you to suffer a poor outcome after a fresh shave.

d) Products with Alcohol:

Do not apply products with alcohol to the back after a fresh shave because the ingredients tend to dry out the skin and increase irritation.

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