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Razor Burn on Arm Pits

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There is no way around it – women are expected to remove hair from their arm pits. Nowadays, you just can’t walk around with a bushy distraction attracting all the attention when you wear a sleeveless shirt or sundress. However, there are plenty of obstacles to keep in mind so you do not encounter a nasty bout of razor burn – when itchy skin, irritation, redness, and stinging sensations attack under the arms.


The skin found under the arms is highly sensitive, making the process of hair removal a rather irritating routine. Razor burn usually brings about a rash of redness that stings and itches. Raised skin and welts are also common symptoms of this condition. If too much pressure was applied during a shave, nicks and cuts may have taken place. When infection settles in, pustules similar to an acne breakout can develop.


a) Lack of Shaving Cream:

Ignoring the power of shaving creams, gels, and foams will increase the chances of irritation that comes when shaving the arm pits.

b) Use of Antiperspirant:

The chemicals contained in an antiperspirant are pretty irritating. The Gillette Research Institute in Gaithersburg, Maryland suggests shaving the arm pits at night when you are not tempted to apply an antiperspirant.

c) Shaving for the First Time [1]:

The sensitive skin found under the arms creates the kind of environment that takes a bit of time adjusting to when hair is first removed. The good news is that future hair removal isn’t as irritating the more times it is achieved.

d) Irritated Skin:

Perhaps you have already encountered the irritation of razor burn or are suffering another type of irritation (like a bad reaction to your deodorant). Shaving skin that shows signs of irritation or inflammation will only make matters worse.

e) Too Much Pressure:

Apply too much pressure to the arm pits when shaving and the excess friction can lead to razor burn.

f) Lack of Lubrication:

Razor burn can strike the arm pits when a shaver forgets the importance of sufficient skin lubrication.


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