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Causes and Appearances

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As soon as you run your razor blade across the skin or flip the switch of your electric shaver – you face the risk of skin irritation, including the stinging sensation of razor burn. The appearance of razor burn resembles the typical rash you may encounter after a day in the sun, but can worsen depending on the severity of your condition.

The surface of your skin usually takes on a reddish appearance, which is lighter or darker – in regards to the level of pigmentation you possess. A closer look at this rash-like response after a fresh shave and you may detect tiny red dots situated in a close arrangement. Swelling may also appear and if you have a scar in the region – razor burn may momentarily affect its appearance as well.

The body part in which you shave and the techniques you choose to follow will determine the appearance and intensity of your razor burn. For example, some cases can resemble an acne outbreak, which is known to occur in places like the armpit region.

Razor burns are initially caused by the act of hair being pushed back into the follicle during the process of shaving. As a result, the follicles become inflamed and to further add to the headache – may develop an ingrown hair and/or larger bumps. Typical causes of razor burn include:

shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth
using dull or unsanitary razors
frequent shaving
ignoring pre-shaving techniques that soften the skin
dry shaves

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  1. Laura
    October 4, 2009 at 4:35 pm #

    For soft skin even after shaving, ditch the shaving cream. That’s right, throw it out! Use conditioner (yes, conditioner that you put in your hair) and it keeps your skin moisturized and super smooth!

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