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Home and Natural Remedies for Razor Burn on Chest

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Shave too close to the skin or use equipment that is less than perfect and you run the risk of suffering one of the most common skin irritations that shavers tend to encounter – razor burn. To prevent the redness, inflamed patches of skin, and infected scrapes that can accompany razor burn, it is suggested to become familiar with the following natural and home remedies:

Home Remedies

a) Hydrogen Peroxide:

After you get out of the shower, dab on a bit of hydrogen peroxide to soothe irritation of the skin after a fresh shave.

b) Facial Astringent for Sensitive Skin:

A mild facial astringent (like Clean N’ Clear) can help lessen the signs of razor burn that appear on the chest after a fresh shave.

c) Spread on the Diaper Rash Cream:

When the signs of razor burn attack your chest, gain relief by using diaper rash cream to ease discomfort.

d) Soothe with Frozen Vegetables:

When you’ve run out of ice and need relief from the swelling of razor burn, seek out a bag of frozen vegetables for quick assistance.

e) Apply Body Lotion:

Rub on a moisturizing body lotion to the chest when the signs of razor burn (like itchiness) appear after a fresh shave.

f) Hydrocortisone Cream (1%):

Apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to the chest when the redness of razor burn begins to attack the skin. This product has the power to constrict blood vessels to lessen the amount of blood flow to affected areas.

g) Topical Acne Products:

There are many different topical acne products on the market that contain the 2.5% or 5% benzoyl peroxide needed to fight the small bumps that often appears when razor burn attacks your chest.

h) Sour Cream and Strawberry Mixture:

Create a soothing remedy for the chest by combining a couple of strawberries and one spoonful of sour cream. After applying the mixture to affected areas, leave on for about ten minutes before rinsing off.

Natural Remedies

a) Chamomile Skin Wash Mixture:

Create a skin wash consisting of one teaspoon of chamomile and a cup of hot water to treat itchy skin caused by razor burn. Before applying the mixture to the chest, make sure that it has cooled. To boost the power of this remedy, you can also add one teaspoon of comfrey or marigold.

b) Consume More Vitamin C:

Choose foods (like oranges and grapefruit) that contain a decent amount of vitamin C, which can help the skin recuperate after the irritation of razor burn has settled in.

c) Use Vitamin E Oil:

Combat the signs of razor burn on the chest by spreading a bit of vitamin E oil across affected areas.

d) Tea Tree Oil:

Treat the discomfort and itchiness of razor burn by applying tea tree oil to irritated parts of the chest.

e) Aloe Vera:

Cut open the leaf of an aloe vera plant and apply the gel that emerges as an effective natural remedy for soothing irritated skin and boosting the healing process of razor burn.

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