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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Throat

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The redness and inflamed skin that covers the throat after a fresh shave is often the result of razor burn, a common condition that strikes under many different circumstances. Perhaps you forgot to switch to a clean blade or stretched the skin too tightly while shaving. Whatever the reason(s), it helps to become familiar with valuable prevention tips that help you lessen your risk:

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Purchase Pre-Shave Oil:

When looking for a close shave with less irritation, consider using a pre-shave oil to soften the surrounding skin and open pores. On the market, there are many different products that use natural oils (like sunflower, coconut, or olive) to achieve the results you desire.

b) Avoid Stretching the Skin:

While you may think you’re getting the closest shave by stretching the skin, you are also increasing your chances of suffering razor burn.

c) Thick Shaving Gel:

When applying a shave cream or gel to the throat, make sure to use enough to promote a smoother finish.

d) Buy a Fogless Mirror:

To lessen your risk of suffering razor burn when shaving the throat, consider buying a fogless mirror to take with you in the shower. The steam and moisture from a warm shower causes the skin and hairs to soften – making hair removal a less irritating process.

e) Make Sure to Remove Shaving Cream:

Don’t forget to remove any traces of shaving cream or foam from the throat after a fresh shave to prevent clogged pores and skin irritation.

f) Shaving Techniques:

When removing hair from the throat, make sure to use short, deliberate strokes and follow the pattern of hair growth. This is called ‘shaving with the grain’ and it can prevent razor burn.

g) New Blades:

The dullness of an overly used razor blade can cause irritation to the throat after a fresh shave. Make sure to use a new, clean blade each time you remove hair to best reduce your chances of razor burn.

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