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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Pubic Region

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It is not uncommon for a woman to remove unwanted hairs found in the pubic region. However, the skin found in this area is quite sensitive and can lead to irritation and inflammation called razor burn. In order to decrease your chances of suffering this rather common occurrence – consider the following suggestions on how to keep razor burn away:

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Follow Hair Growth:

When you remove hair using short, steady strokes and remember to follow the direction of hair growth in the pubic region, you can decrease your chances of suffering razor burn.

b) Your Razor Blades:

As if the bacteria and sweat that finds its way to your pubic region isn’t enough, don’t make matters worse by using an old razor, which will only increase your chances of spreading bacteria.

c) Take a Warm Shower:

Warm water and steam will cause the hairs and skin of the pubic region to soften, thus creating a less irritating shave.

d) Facial Scrub Lotion:

Use a facial scrub to remove dead skin from the pubic region before shaving. This will also help reduce your chances of suffering a razor burn rash.

e) Apply Less Pressure:

Just because you press the razor as close as you can to the skin – doesn’t mean you will achieve the best shaving results. It is important to remember that the more pressure you place on the skin when shaving, the higher you chances become for suffering razor burn.

f) Treat Sensitive Skin with Care:

If you are already prone to suffering common skin irritations, then it is suggested to use a multi-blade powered razor to remove hair from the pubic region.

g) Moisturizing Shaving Cream:

Chose a shaving cream or gel that contains moisturizing ingredients in order to execute a smoother and less irritating shave.

h) Storing Your Razor:

Reduce your chances of skin irritation of the pubic region by storing your razor in a container of alcohol, which helps keep the blade sharp and sanitary.

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  1. Delpha Colombo
    April 3, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    See I’d agree with all that except the vaseline. Sure it is good for stuff but where you apply it for moisturising properties it stops the skin underneath from producing its own moisture because it thinks it’s already moisturised. A quick fix perhaps but as soon as you stop using it your back to square one.

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