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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Neck

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When removing hair from the neck, you better pay attention to the type of equipment you use; pre- and post-care; and the direction in which you shave. All of these factors and much more can contribute to a host of skin irritations that include razor burn – when redness and discomfort cover a freshly shaven area. To prevent this condition from taking control of your neck, consider the following suggestions:

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Shaving Approach:

You can prevent razor burn by ‘shaving with the grain,’ which means you follow the pattern of hair growth when removing hair from the neck.

b) Use a New Blade Each Time:

Since the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body when it comes to skin irritations (like ingrown hairs and razor burn), it is suggested to use a new blade each time you shave.

c) Rinse Off All Shaving Cream:

To prevent clogged pores and unwanted skin irritation associated with razor burn, make sure to remove any traces of shaving cream with a nice, cold rinse of water.

d) Fogless Mirror:

Since shaving in the shower helps to reduce your chances of suffering razor burn, you may want to purchase a fogless mirror.

e) Moisturize with Shaving Cream:

Promote a smoother and less irritating shave by using plenty of shaving cream containing moisturizing ingredients.

f) Apply Pre-Shave Oil:

When using a pre-shave oil for the neck, you can promote a close shave with less skin irritation, as this kind of product has the power to open up the pores and soften hairs. It is recommended to seek out brands that use sunflower, coconut, or olive oil as main ingredients.

g) Barber Shop Safety:

To prevent the irritation that comes when paying a visit to the barber, make sure he or she uses clean equipment and proper sterilization techniques when removing hair from the back of your neck. This is especially true for African American males, who are highly susceptible to skin irritations associated with shaving.

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