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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Legs

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You’re running late for work, ran out of shaving gel, or don’t have enough time to devote to slowly removing the hair that has accumulated on your legs. Instead, you rush through the shaving process and soon find yourself with irritated redness stretching across your skin. Does this sound like you? If so, you’ve encountered the common condition known as ‘razor burn.’ Good news – there are many different prevention tips to follow that will reduce your risk:

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Electric Razor:

A decent way to prevent razor burn is to purchase an electric razor and gently rub it against the skin – making sure not to apply too much pressure.

b) Shave Direction:

You can prevent common skin irritations on the legs (like razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn) by shaving with the direction of hair growth. Make sure to use short, deliberate strokes when removing hair, as long strokes tend to place too much pressure on the skin.

c) New Razor Blades:

Shave your legs with a new razor each time to reduce your risk of suffering razor burn that comes when you’ve relied on dull and overused blades.

d) Make Sure to Rinse Blade:

When hair clogs up your razor, the chances of enjoying a less irritating shave of the legs will decrease. Make sure to rinse your blade under running water to reduce your risk of skin irritation.

e) Aftershave Lotion:

You can decrease your chances of suffering razor burn on the legs by using an aftershave product designed to soothe the skin and provide moisturizing relief.

f) Proper Razor Storage:

If you store your razor blade in a container of alcohol, you not only fight bacteria but also lengthen the life of your blade.

g) Sugaring:

Lessen the amount of times you have to remove hair from the legs by choosing sugaring over a razor blade. Not only is this method considered gentler than waxing and shaving, but you’ll also get to enjoy hair removal that lasts longer.

h) Pre-Shave Rituals:

To lessen your risk of facing razor burn when skin becomes irritated, pay attention to the practices you follow before a shave, including exfoliating the legs with the help of a scrub lotion or loofah.

i) Hair Removal Products:

When using a razor brings unsightly razor burn to the legs, consider taking a break by using hair removal products called depilatories.

j) Shave in a Warm Shower:

It is suggested to shave the legs after taking a warm shower, as the steam helps soften the skin and hairs – making your shaving experience a less irritating journey.

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