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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Chest

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Shave too close to the skin or use the razor that has been sitting in the back of the medicine cabinet for months and you stand to suffer a bout of razor burn on the chest. While this is a pretty common condition, it doesn’t make the prognosis any sweeter to swallow. Just the thought of visible irritation and the burning sensation that comes with razor burn is enough to become familiar with the following prevention suggestions:

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Loofah:

Remove dead skin particles that can cause future skin irritation by using a loofah on the chest before shaving.

b) Warm Shower:

Warm water helps soften the skin and hairs before a fresh shave of the chest; thus lessening the risk of suffering a razor burn rash.

c) Toss Away Old Blades:

Change your razor blades frequently to prevent the transfer of bacteria and other skin irritations that can come when dull and unsanitary razors are used for hair removal.

d) Short Strokes:

Use short strokes to remove hair from the chest, as this will help prevent the development of razor burn. Shaving in the same direction as hair growth also lessens your chances of this common skin irritation.

e) Consider Razor Storage:

Remove bacteria from your razor blade, as well as prolong the shelf life of your sharp blade by storing in a container of alcohol.

f) Consider a Fogless Mirror:

Use a fogless mirror to better remove the hair from your chest when taking a shower. The steam of the warm water helps soften the skin and hairs, which encourages a less irritating shave.

g) Proper Lubrication:

To reduce the friction that can cause razor burn, consider using an electric shaver with a built-in gel dispenser to help keep the skin lubricated for longer periods of time.

h) Do Not Stretch the Skin:

Decrease your chances of suffering razor burn by remembering not to stretch the skin – a common technique of shavers looking for the closest shave.

i) Select an Electric Razor:

Many shavers have found less irritating results when using an electric shaver to remove hair from the chest.

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