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How to Prevent Razor Burn on Arm Pits

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In order to wear your tank tops and sleeveless blouses with confidence, keeping the arm pits shaved is a near must in today’s society. However, if you don’t follow proper hair removal procedures or skimp on skin care, you run the risk of developing the common condition known as razor burn, which causes redness and inflammation to attack the skin. Nowadays, learning prevention methods for the arm pits is a great way to keep your underarms smooth and irritation-free.

Razor Burn Prevention

a) Razor Storage:

Keep your blade sharper by storing your razor in a container of alcohol, which will also create a more sanitary instrument of hair removal.

b) Continuously Clean Off the Blade:

To receive the best shave of the arm pits, remember to rinse excess hairs and accumulated shaving cream lather that can clog the blade and increase your chances of suffering an irritating hair removal experience.

c) Shave With the Grain:

If you are interested in avoiding common skin irritations (like razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn) after a fresh shave, make sure to use short, deliberate strokes when removing hair by ‘shaving with the grain.’

d) Use Sharp Razor Blades:

In order to ensure a non-irritating shave of the arm pits, make sure to use razor blades that are sharp enough to handle the job.

e) Remove Dead Skin and Grime:

To make sure you don’t encounter the irritation associated with razor burn, use a loofah or scrub to remove dead skin and grime before shaving the arm pits.

f) Moisturizing Shave Gel:

When selecting a shaving cream or gel for the arm pits, choose products that offer moisturizing ingredients that promote a smoother shave with less irritation.

g) Avoid Repeated Strokes:

Prevent razor burn from attacking your underarms by avoiding repeated strokes of the razor, which can lead to unwanted irritation and inflammation.

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